About Harvest Resources Child Care Training

Margie, Deb, Wendy, and Debbie are fully booked for multiple-day Reflective Practices Institutes through summer 2014, but may have availability in 2014 for program consultation.  For information on our availability for these services, please contact us at info@ecetrainers.com. Harvest Resources is continuing to add new training associates who may be available for keynote speaking, workshops, and other training formats.
Photograph of Margie Carter

MARGIE CARTER has been a preschool and kindergarten teacher, a child care director and college faculty. Margie is the producer of a number of early childhood training videos and has co-authored seven books with Deb Curtis. You will find her regular training column in Child Care Exchange. After over a decade of traveling to consult and speak, Margie is accepting very few requests these days and will concentrate on mentoring new leaders and writing projects. As a co-founder of Harvest Resources, Margie is thrilled to recommend our associates for your professional development inquiries. You can reach her at margie@ecetrainers.com.

Photograph of Deb Curtis

DEB CURTIS Deb Curtis has been in the field of early childhood education for a very long time in a variety of settings as a teacher of children and adults. She is interested in consulting with programs to help grow reflective practices among teachers, and is open to go anywhere where she can do onsite work with teachers. This involves spending time with children and their teachers to observe closely, collect the details that capture our hearts and minds and then study together the complex process of teaching and learning. You might also persuade Deb to lead a workshop or seminar with some of her associates if it is a part of a larger project or consultation to support reflective teaching in your organization or community. Her ongoing passions involve collecting materials and creating environments that invite complex learning and marveling about infants and toddlers with their teachers and families. You can contact Deb at deb@ecetrainers.com.

Photograph of Wendy Cividanes

WENDY CIVIDANES As a former preschool and school age teacher Wendy has over 25 years of experience working with young children and families. For over 15 years Wendy was an administrator for a large non-profit child care program where she worked with a staff of 35 and 175 families. Wendy currently works as a training specialist and consultant for a variety of preschool and school age programs throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. A particular area of interest for Wendy is working with staff and administrators to design structures and supports for reflective professional development. Other training interests include cultural sensitivity, teambuilding, partnering with families, and staff coaching and mentorship. Wendy received her BA and MA in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College. She is willing to travel outside of the DC metro area for full-day or multiple day trainings and/or consultations; she can be reached at wendy@ecetrainers.com.

Photograph of Debbie Lebo

DEBBIE LEBO has over 25 years of experience working with children in a variety of settings: as an infant/toddler and early childhood educator, a hospital child life specialist, and a child care director. She also helped launch a child development program serving at-risk single parent families, and was a preschool teacher and curriculum coordinator there for 5 years. She holds a B.S. in child development and an M.A. in human development, and she is working on her doctoral degree studying reflective teaching and learning in early childhood education. In addition to topics around reflective practices, her training interests include pedagogical documentation (observing and studying children's development and learning), culturally sensitive curriculum, working with families, facilitating adult learning, teambuilding and communication, and visionary leadership. She is available for training and consulting in the Washington DC metropolitan area and is willing to travel out of the area for full-day or multiple day trainings and/or consultation. Debbie can be reached at DLebo@ecetrainers.com.

living in the expansiveness of air

we are the timeline
created in generosity
a sisterhood of purpose
created in the powerful act
of saying yes

yes to possibility & protocol
yes to intention alongside joy

we are the timeline
holding complexity side by side
with a focus, clarity revealing voice

stepping out from this place
to do the work
we feel in our bones

to do the work
that is our gift

by Kelly Matthews

Meet Our Associates:

The Harvest Resources Associates listed below have engaged in learning with us in a community of practice for several years. They come from all over North America, and each in her own way embraces and works with the core values and pedagogy we stand for. They are experienced early childhood leaders in their own communities and facilitators in our Reflective Institutes. All bring unique perspective and expertise to our field. We recommend you contact any of them for your training and consulting needs.

CHRISTINA AUBEL has worked with children and families for thirty years. She is a mentor teacher at centers serving low-income families. She taught in a Head Start, co-op preschool, center for homeless children, Reggio Emilia inspired school, and a consultant specializing in art. She is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach to early learning and participated in the 2007 study-tour in Italy. Christina offers a workshop titled Relationships: Art-Nature-Children about the power of color, drawing, clay, and nature. This workshop focuses on the significance of taking time with the process of making art, how this honors individual learning styles, develops critical thinking and builds imagination. She also offers The Art of Placement: Creating Meaningful Learning Environments about how classroom design impacts learning. This workshop concentrates on creating environments that invites exploration and promotes social/emotional development. She has her BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Art from the University of Washington. Located in the Pacific Northwest she will travel to other areas as a keynote/conference speaker, facilitators, or consultants. Contact: ctaubel@nwlink.com

LORRIE BAIRD has been working in the early childhood field for over twenty five years as a classroom educator, program and curriculum director, College Instructor and workshop facilitator. Currently she holds the position of Associate Executive Director with Kawartha Child Care Services in Peterborough, Ontario; an innovative large multi site organization inspired by the work of educators in Reggio Emilia. Lorrie has spent much of her professional career researching and exploring the principles of Reggio Emilia and Emergent Curriculum. She has a great passion for learning and offers workshops and Institutes that focus on reflective practice, pedagogical documentation, Communities of Practice, learning stories, and facilitating adult learning. Lorrie is an inspiring facilitator that connects theory and practice in her engaging sessions. Lorrie sits as a Director of Ontario Reggio Association, and is an active member of Quality Assurance Initiatives in Peterborough and surrounding Municipalities. She is available for training and consulting in Ontario and is willing to travel outside of the area. lbaird@kawarthachildcare.com.

KASONDRA BROWN has been in the field of Early Education for over eighteen years. The majority of those years were spent as an Infant Toddler Teacher in both the lab school setting and corporate child care setting. After leaving the classroom, Kasondra’s goal of touching the lives of those who care for children came true. Over the years, Kasondra has presented at local conferences and a national conference. She has taught Continuing Education courses with some of the local community colleges and plans to become an adjunct faculty member. In her daily work, she offers a practical guidance and assistance to Directors and classroom teachers as a Consultant within two non-profit agencies in Houston, Texas. Her passion for the needs and care of Infants and Toddlers continues to drive her work, goals, and talents. Kasondra can be contacted at brownkasondra@yahoo.com.

MOLLY BUTLER, M.Ed is currently an infant toddler teacher mentor in Austin Texas. Through her work she educates, supports and serves as a critical friend to infant and toddler teachers. She has extensive experience and training in the field of infant and toddler care. Her passion is to support infant and toddler teachers understanding of reflective practice and using observations to build individualized curriculum for each child. It is her hope that through their work together, teachers will see themselves as invaluable professionals whose relationships with children can create a solid foundation that will last that child a lifetime. Molly does this through training, modeling, and one to one support. Molly’s been working in the field of education and children’s social services for 20 years. She’s worked in various child care settings including university child care, low-income care serving homeless children, and traditional child care centers. Molly has experience doing hotline work for a child abuse protection agency and has worked in the field of international adoption. Molly has also been an elementary school teacher teaching grades k-2. Molly is available as a resource and for training. She can be reached by phone at (512) 589-8628 or by email at molly.butler71@gmail.com.

KISHA P WILLIAMSON-CHAMPION has been in the Early Care and Education field since 1983. Her first teaching job allowed her to discover the importance of emergent curriculum and valuing children’s opinions and curiosity. Over the years, she has taken on many responsibilities including being an Executive Director of a non-profit preschool program. Working directly with children from infancy to school-age allowed her to facilitate learning and gain knowledge, which in turn continues to be one of her greatest experiences. Kisha found her niche presenting workshops at conferences early on in her career. This opportunity ignited her passion toward striving to ensure that every child is treated as a unique individual by the adults caring for them. One of her biggest joys is assisting others to find their enthusiasm for life-long learning, creating hands-on experiences and developing opportunities that will allow for adult learners to reignite their passions for the children and families that they serve. Kisha is a native of California where she earned a BA from CSULB and Master of Science in Child Development from the University of La Verne. Currently, she is a Professor at a community college where she can continue to develop her personal goal of “being the teacher she always wanted” on a daily basis. Kisha can be reached by phone at (562)424-0288 or email at dkone23@aol.com. She is looking forward to spending time with you and creating a wonderful learning experience together.

Anne Marie Coughlin

ANNE MARIE COUGHLIN is the Professional Development Coordinator and Program Director at London Bridge Child Care Services in London, Ontario, Canada. Over her 25 year career, she has been a Preschool Educator, Centre Director, Professional Development Coordinator, and Community College Teacher. For the past ten years she has been a Director of Program at one of the largest Child Care Organizations in Ontario and has been instrumental in developing several innovative professional development initiatives including an 18 month Leadership Development Program. She currently serves as a Director on the Ontario Reggio Association Board and is Provincial Director for the Canadian Association of Young Children. Anne Marie is an accomplished, passionate speaker who is known for her innovative work with Early Childhood Educators and her inspiring vision. Anne Marie works as a Mentor for both classroom Educators and program leaders, exploring ways to work with and think about both children's and adult learning. She has been developing and facilitating workshops and training sessions for Early Childhood Professionals and students for more than 15 years and regularly speaks at conferences, colleges, community events, and professional associations throughout Canada and the US on topics ranging from curriculum and leadership development to personal wellness. She can be reached at annemarie.coughlin@londonbridge.com

ELIANA ELIAS has been working as an educator for the past 25 years. In her early 20’s, she worked as a teacher in her home country, Brazil, before moving to the US to attend graduate school at Mills College, in Oakland, CA. For 10 years, she became an instructor at Mills College Children’s School, a laboratory school dedicated to teacher development where she experienced first hand the power of a learner-centered philosophy. For the past 9 years, Eliana has had the opportunity to work as a consultant and a college instructor. It is with great respect that she approaches her work with teachers, families and children. She has been serving many programs, providing them with opportunities to re-think their practices, identify challenges, and craft site-specific strategies that support the development of learning communities. Eliana’s areas of interest are broad and include cultural competency, dual language learners, social and emotional development, curriculum development, professional development and equity issues. If you would like to discuss possibilities for consultation with Eliana, please contact her at ElianaElias@comcast.net. Eliana lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children. She speaks English, Portuguese and is working hard at improving her Spanish.

SANJUANA FRANK has been in the field of early childhood education since 1995. She worked as a preschool substitute in public schools and as a teacher in a child care center serving infants to school age children. She also worked for five years as director in a child care center for abused children. Currently, she is a consultant with a program in the Houston, TX area. As a consultant, she works side by side with teachers to help them become reflective about their teaching. “If you make a difference in a teacher’s life, you will make a difference in a child’s life.” Sanjuana speaks both English and Spanish. She can be reached at cjuany@yahoo.com.

Currently, an early education consultant, IJUMAA JORDAN focuses on working with teachers and administrators facilitating professional development in a “community of practice” model that promotes reflective teaching practices and leadership. With a strong belief in the value of social-justice/anti-bias work and play-based, emergent curriculum, Ijumaa shares her skills and experiences as a teacher, leader and mentor in her keynote presentations and workshops. As an Adjunct Instructor at Pacific Oaks College, she teaches classes in the areas of play, cross-cultural communication, working with dual language learners, partnering with parents, and children’s literacy. In addition, she is the Lead Early Education Fellow for a joint, multi-year project between Teach With Africa and Pacific Oaks College. Ijumaa lives in the Los Angeles area and is available for travel in the US and internationally. She can be reached at ijumaaj@gmail.com.

GINA LEWIS has been in the field of early childhood education for 30 years. She has worked with three and four year olds in a preschool setting, assisted in the creation of a family child care network in a low-income housing community, supported family child care providers contracted with Head Start, provided technical assistance to child care providers through a resource and referral agency and taught college classes. Her interests in creating nurturing environments for young children and documenting children’s stories stems from her participation in the Spring 2001 Study Tour to Reggio Emilia, Italy and the Courage and Renewal work of Dr. Parker J. Palmer. Contact Gina at keepermom88@yahoo.com for workshop presentations and consultations on creating environments that nurture young children's growth and development and documenting children's stories that depict their intelligence and competence and the joys of childhood.

KELLY MATTHEWS  has worked in a variety of early education and advocacy settings for the last 19 years, from owning her own family child care business to working as a lead teacher in a bilingual (English – Arabic) Head Start classroom. Kelly earned her MA (Human Development) at Pacific Oaks College, with dual specializations in Leadership in Education and Human Services [sub-specialization: Teaching Adults] and Early Childhood Education. She is exceptionally proud of this learning, grounded in social justice and meaningful, contextualized practice. Brought back by popular demand in several locations, it is clear that Kelly’s strength lies in creating engaging professional development that invites educators to fully bring their voices and experiences to the learning. Areas of interest for Kelly are building strong relationships among families, children, and staff; practicing perspective-taking as a teacher disposition; reflective practices; and positive guidance. Contact Kelly at APlaceForYouConsult@yahoo.com to discuss trainings, keynotes, staff development and other learning opportunities available. Descriptions of some of Kelly's workshop topics can be found by clicking here and her website can be found at aplaceforyouconsulting.com. Currently living in Oshkosh WI, Kelly is willing to travel wherever this joyful work takes her.

KRISTIE L. NORWOOD has worked in Early Childhood Education for over 15 years. She holds a B.S. in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University and a M.A. in Early Childhood Education from Roosevelt University. Kristie has worked in the classroom as well as in case management and administration. Whatever the position, her strong commitment to every family has remained consistent. She has been deeply inspired by the practices and principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach and traveled to Reggio Emilia Italy in 1998 as part of the North American Study Tour Group. Since that time she has been a presenter both nationally and internationally. Kristie currently works to support teachers in reflective practices and professional development. Her areas of interest include reflective practices specifically in the area of observation/documentation/planning, innovative leadership, use of materials and learning environments, and fostering meaningful relationships between teacher/child/parent/community. She can be reached at kristienorwood29@gmail.com for training, consultation and presentations.

AMY OBEGI has been in the field of early childhood education for 15 years. She has been an infant/toddler and preschool teacher, college instructor, and co-director of a college child development center. She currently is a professor at Solano Community College in Fairfield, CA. Her areas of interest are infants and toddlers, family-centered care, natural environments, literacy development, cultural sensitivity, and linking theory to practice. Amy is committed to transforming early childhood education by supporting teachers in reflective practice, by bringing a new lens for viewing children, and by facilitating environments that promote children’s wonder, curiosity, and discover. She can be contacted at amy.obegi@solano.edu.

VALERIE RAJOTTE began working with children in a camp program for children with cerebral palsy. What began as a summer job grew into a 24 year career in early education. She has spent the majority of her career working for Montgomery Child Care Association (MCCA), the largest private nonprofit child care association in Maryland. At MCCA she has held several positions including classroom teacher and center director, and is currently the Education Director and a Training Specialist. She earned her Undergraduate Degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Maryland and her Master’s Degree in Human Development at Pacific Oaks College. She believes reflective practice enhances our professional development in a contextually meaningful way. Valerie has long held the opinion that learning is only as relevant as we are able to relate it to our lives. Taking time to reflect on what you know, considering new ideas and finding the connections to daily practice is essential in our professional and personal development. Our deeper understanding of children, families, and coworkers allows us to develop reciprocal relationships that enhance the work we engage in together. She enjoys training on a variety of topics and is available in the Washington DC metropolitan area and is willing to travel out of the area for full-day or multiple day trainings and/or consultation. She can be reached by email at vtrjune3@verizon.net.

KELLY RAMSEY began her work with children and families 1984 as a teacher assistant in a Montessori program. Since that time, Kelly has had the opportunity to work with children and families in various roles from classroom teacher to college instructor. She currently resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with her husband and two young children. As a life-long learner, Kelly believes that self-discovery and personal reflection are key to creating rich learning environments for adults and children. She has a strong interest in the family unit and its strength in nurturing children’s development. As the owner of Developing People, Inc. (www.developpeople.org), Kelly creates learning opportunities for adults that evoke passion and create new paths for learning. Kelly is a storyteller who shares real experiences from her years as a preschool teacher, center director and mother of two amazing young children. She fosters a welcoming environment for all types of learners, embracing the experiences of each individual, and challenging the learner by creating rich dialogue that carries our experiences from theory to practice. Kelly is an experienced presenter and workshop leader in the areas of early childhood classrooms, relationship development, parenting, classroom management, and adult/child interaction. She is available for keynote addresses, workshops, staff development, and center consultation, and can be contacted for scheduling at developpeople@hotmail.com.

RUKIA ROGERS has worked with young children and their families for over 20 years in a number of ways, including work as preschool & toddler teacher and most recently as an atelierista or studio teacher. Rukia is deeply committed to improving the quality of education accessible to all children. She has helped to forge an on-going collaboration with Emory University researching the rights of young children as it pertains to Early Childcare settings in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Rukia has a unique interest in reflective practices especially as it relates to curriculum planning for young children, the role of documentation in early child care centers, building partnerships with families, creating engaging learning environments and using materials as thinking tools. Contact Rukia for training or consultation at jeff30106@yahoo.com.


What Colleagues and Clients Say About Our Work

"Margie and Deb have taken on and succeeded in the onerous task of translating the complexities of child-centered teaching into a call for action." John Nimmo, Co-author Emergent Curriculum

I just wanted to formally thank you for the fabulous two days you spent with the West Point Child Learning Center staff and families. The feedback from our liaison, staff, and families has been wonderful." Debbie Hoppy, Director

"How grateful I feel that you chose to come here and work with us. I recognize that the level of skill you bring to something like this is as good as it gets, and that this skill is the result of your own intelligence, hard work, and investment of time and energy in growing and learn." Holly Veldhuis, Director

"Your workshops have validated and fed my own work as a teacher, director, and trainer. I was getting discouraged, running out of steam, and doubting the teaching I was doing. Your energy and insights have been a real source of strength." Kate Thegen, Teacher Educator

"Thank you for your stimulating and engaging presentation. It was very helpful having adult learning styles presented to us. Sample documentation and the resources you brought were also very helpful. But, mostly, sharing your vision of how early childhood education should look was both inspiring and validating. Thanks for your leadership." Penny Berrien, Parent Preschool

"Wherever I go these days, I'm still basking in the glow of your Connecticut conference. People who attended constantly comment on the impact of the conference and it's so much fun to hear how they're taking your ideas to heart, mind, and work. Using "home" rather than "school" as the model for child care shuffled some thought processes and people are moving fast to warm-up their centers. Thank you again for driving this message "home" with your characteristic energy, passion, and conviction. They got it!" Jean Berkwit, Teacher Educator

Partial List of Clients

- Reggio Emilia Provocations, Auckland, New Zealand
- GeoKids, Menlo Park, CA
- Hildebrandt Learning Centers, Dallas, PA
- Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, AZ
- United Way Bright Beginnings, Houston Texas
- Educare Colorado, Denver Colorado
- McCormick Tribune Center for Early Childhood Leadership, National-Louis University, Wheeling, Illinois
- Action for Children, Columbus, Ohio
- PA Key, Harrisburgh, PA
- Child Day Care Association, St. Louis, Missouri
- Coordinated Child Care of Pinellas, Largo, Florida
- Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C), Madison, Wisconsin
- Oregon Association of Child Care Directors, McMinnville, Oregon
- Cambridge Community Partnership, Cambridge, Massachusetts
- New Hampshire Technical Institute,, Concord, NH
- SW Human Development, Phoenix, Arizona
- US Army Child Development Centers, Heidelberg, Germany
- Ohio Department of Education, Columbus, Ohio
- Manitoba Child Care Asociation, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
- Montgomery Child Care Association, Wheaton, Maryland
- Lady Gowrie Centres, Sydney, Australia
- Acorn Collaborative, Toronto, Ontario
- Association for Young Children, Atlanta Georgia
- JCC Child Care Centers, New York, New York
- Evergreen Community School, Santa Monica, California
- Neighborhood House Association Head Start, San Diego, California