Reflecting Children

Redleaf Press

“Margie and Deb have taken on and succeeded in the onerous task of translating the complexities of child-centered teaching into a call for action.”
John Nimmo, co-author Emergent Curriculum

Reflecting Children’s Lives: A Handbook for Planning Child-Centered Curriculum

Reflecting Children’s Lives challenges early childhood professionals in all settings to reconsider the meaning of curriculum for young children. Its stories and activities encourage you to develop your program around childhood, rather than a school model. The ideas in this book will help you develop curriculum that engages young children in meaningful learning.

Chapters include activities to promote teacher self-reflection and practical ideas to use with children. Most are preschool focused, but examples for infants, toddlers, and kindergartners are also included. A companion video, Children at the Center, parallels the structure of this book.

- Begin with Yourself
- Revitalizing the Environment
- Putting the Child Back in DAP
- Redefining Curriculum Themes
- Caring for Infants and Toddlers
- Organizing and Communicating Your Approach to Curriculum Planning
- Developing Yourself

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