Reflecting in Communities of Practice: A Workbook for Early Childhood Educators

Reflecting in Communities of Practice: A Workbook for Early Childhood Educators

Teaching young children is complex work. As you manage the day-to-day events that unfold in your classroom and keep up with the demands of assessment and documentation, how do you maintain the equally important tasks of encouraging children’s curiosity and supporting their joy of learning? How do you ensure your own curious mind and joyful spirit in your work? Reflecting with other teachers in a community of practice can strengthen your abilities to respond to the children in your classroom and share meaningful experiences with them.


  • Evaluate and grow your reflective teaching skills
  • Use the Thinking Lens™ protocol to align your daily work with your larger goals, values, and vision
  • Gain a heightened sense of self-awareness and a stronger image of children, examine the details of your environment, and challenge yourself with new perspectives

Anyone working to mentor and promote professional development for early childhood educators will find this workbook a valuable resource for approaching your work to strengthen collaborative, critical, and reflective teaching.

About the Authors

Deb Curtis and Margie Carter founded Harvest Resources Associates ( in 1994 as a partnership to inspire early childhood providers and educators to invest fully in their own professional learning. Together, they have written seven Redleaf Press books. This is the first book they have coauthored with Harvest Resources senior associates Debbie Lebo and Wendy C.M. Cividanes.

Deb, Debbie, Wendy, and Margie each have over thirty years experience teaching young children and adults. They have all led professional development initiatives for both large and small organizations, and they each hold master’s degrees in human development from Pacific Oaks College.

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