The Visionary Director

Redleaf Press

“By promoting strategies and a leadership style that is institutionally, personally, and culturally consistent with the reader’s experience, this book stands out above the rest as an innovative and timely resource.”
Cecelia Alvarado, Director, Taking the Lead, Wheelock College

The Visionary Director: A Handbook
for Dreaming, Organizing, and Improvising
in Your Center

As we travel, visit programs, and review the evolving research in early childhood education, we are continually reminded of the critical difference vision and strong leadership makes in a program. The Visionary Director offers a concrete framework for organizing your thoughts and work in the service of a vision. Overcoming the scarcity mentality that some directors bring to their work, many others are stretching to make bigger dreams come true.

The Visionary Director explores ways to cultivate a larger vision by implementing systems thinking, translating desired values into your organizational culture, and creating a learning community for the children and adults. It includes stories from visionary directors around the country.




  • Guiding Your Program with a Vision
  • A Framework for Your Work
  • Your Role in Building and Supporting Community
  • Your Role of Mentoring and Coaching
  • Your Role of Managing and Overseeing
  • Bringing Your Vision to Life


Price: $45.00